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The Anatomy Of Intuition: Nurturing Your Soul's Gift - ebook instant download

The Anatomy of Intuition – Nurturing Your Soul's Gift Author: Unlock the mysteries of intuition with this transformative book from renowned expert Helen DaVita. In "The Anatomy of Intuition – Nurturing Your Soul's Gift," International Teacher Helen DaVita takes you on a captivating journey into the world of intuition. This groundbreaking book is a must read for anyone seeking to understand the depths, theories and practice of this mysterious gift that transcends mere coincidence and random chance.

The Art And Science Of Clairvoyance - ebook instant download

An exploration and understanding the clairvoyant power, unlocking imagination, the neuroscience of mental images, prophesy, precognition, and discovering new ways to unlock clairvoyant creativity are revealed. Through this book, readers gain an understanding of how and why they can tap into their inner clairvoyance and trust their own abilities. Suggestions of techniques for enhancing visualisation skills and deeper spiritual connection are explored, allowing readers the opportunity to unlock the potential of their visual power..
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Exploring The Art Of The Spiritual Assessment - ebook instant download

The spiritual assessment is a psychic reading (also known as a sitting), primarily conducted for those developing their spiritual abilities and requiring an experienced medium to help them find focus, purpose, validation and empowerment. In the same vein that someone will consult a psychic medium for life guidance, the spiritual assessment will place the emphasis on the spiritual development...

Trusting The Intelligence Of Spirit - ebook instant download

Mediumship is a pathway of personal development and discovery, a journey that requires courage, self-honesty, and commitment. essential ingredients of intelligent mediumship communication, the pitfalls to be avoided, Helen will share her own experiences of learning to trust her inner voice, She will also reflect on the beauty of spirit communication with authentic experiences.

The Secrets Of Colours - ebook instant download

The Secrets of Colours delves into the captivating world of colours, unlocking the enigmatic power they hold over us. Exploring the intricate interplay between light, theory, spirit, psychology, and science, this insightful book unveils the hidden truths behind our perception of hues. Drawing on scientific research and ancient wisdom, The Secrets of Colours unravels the mysteries of how colours shape our emotions, thoughts, and behaviour. From the vibrant energy of red to the calming tranquility of blue, each shade carries its unique significance in illuminating our lives. With an informative tone, this book guides readers through colour theory's foundations while revealing its profound impact on our well-being. It unveils how colours influence our moods and perceptions while shedding light on their role in art, design, branding, and even spiritual practices.

Animal Symbolism A-Z - ebook instant download

An easy quick reference guide. From A to Z, this guide will reference 166 animals and their general, symbolic interpretation. This has be drawn from diverse cultural beliefs, historical contexts, psychological theories, and indigenous spiritual practices. Whether you're seeking to understand the animals that appear in your dreams, discover your spirit animal, or simply gain a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of all life, this guide is a valuable, easy quick reference resource. 
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What our readers say

Omg where do I start ! Once I started on the very first page it had me captivated. So much knowledge and information which is clear and straight to the point. Amazing book for those either wanting to learn or already in the process of spiritual development. It has exercises which are easy to follow. I couldn't recommend this book enough to people on there spiritual journey.

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I found this to be a beautifully crafted ‘how to’ guide, generously flowing with wisdom, practical and relevant knowledge, interesting experiences and much much more. But perhaps the best part for me was the act of reading this gem - it left me energised, renewed, and feeling like the recipient of a very generous hug - much like receiving a spiritual assessment I guess. Thank you Helen for making this all available.

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It’s a fabulous book, full of wisdom, funny anecdotes and heartfelt advice to bring out the best of your potential. I loved the obvious sincerity that Helen conveys in her words, and the wish that you acknowledge the responsibility to be truthful and honest in everything you do. The little things matter, and the opportunity to be a voice for those who have passed on, is one to be approached with due diligence and respect. Thankyou for the wisdom!
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