Remote Viewing Course For Mediumship And Psychic Development

Remote viewing is a technique and also a psychic ability, that allows people to view & experience scenes, objects & information through the mind's eye

Are you're looking to boost your clairvoyance and hone your remote viewing skills? This could be the ideal course for you! With practice, you'll become more attuned to the world of psychic and evidential mediumship with detailed insights. 

Clairvoyant journeying for accurate & detailed evidence.

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Remote viewing, a powerful form of psychic ability, allows individuals to explore and connect with the conscious mind on a profound level. This extraordinary skill extends beyond the boundaries of time and space, enabling practitioners to gain insights that are both enlightening and deeply transformative. Through guided meditations and exercises, participants will learn how to enhance their accuracy in remote viewing and understanding what they sense. The course provides invaluable tools for nurturing spiritual energy, ensuring practitioners can maintain focus during readings. By honing your skills in remote viewing, psychic intuition is strengthened, enabling exploration of not only the physical realm but also the metaphysical dimensions. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner in any of these areas, this course offers a wealth of knowledge and practical techniques that will deepen your understanding of consciousness. Embark on an insightful journey towards personal growth and self-discovery by embracing the limitless possibilities that remote viewing, has to offer.

The Remote Viewing Course Can Help You Achieve...

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Greater clairvoyant Accuracy

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Deeper Intuitive Awareness 

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Healing & Assisting Others 

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This course is absolutely for you if...

you wish to develop your remote viewing skills further

you strive for the highest standards 

you enjoy journeying in the mind

you are prepared to practice

What to Expect

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Meet Your Instructor

Helen DaVita - a source par excellence! A teacher, writer and international speaker. Recognised on the global stage for inspiring the spiritual community. In many ways, she's helped her students to find inspiration through her own experience, innovative teaching style, capacity to see the gift of every individual and academic study. As one esteemed colleague would often say to her "you never play safe - always brave enough to try something new and push the boundaries. Always enthusiastic for knowledge new and old." Helen's workshops have been hosted in venues across the world and she has been a teacher and course leader of the world renowned, Arthur Findlay College. She is also a former university lecturer. Helen retired from teaching in person, but her passion for writing and sharing her experience online, is what breathes life into this creative soul today!

Helen DaVita

Senior Instructor



Token of love from our students
"It is a well organized coursework, with excellent audios and written materials to keep on working at ones pace. I highly recommend it. Grateful for all your hard work Helen Da Vita, you enhanced my awareness!"
Dr Sonia V
"It was a brilliant experience while comprehending the course. Lucid words, harmonious frequency, a thing that I had experienced during the exercises was absolutely magical." 
Rangta J
"I am mesmerized my Helen's way of teaching! I love her curiosity and her research and the progression of the course. I especially loved how she puts it all together toward the end
Kimberley S
In psychic, mediumistic, healing, and shamanic studies, the capacity to journey into the conscious visual mind can be insightful, educational, healing, helpful and enlightening. You'll learn techniques that will help you increase your accuracy and understanding of what you're sensing. Plus, this course will give you the tools to protect your energy and keep your readings focused.
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